05.09 - 09.11


Art & Language
Nobutaka Aozaki

Robert Barry
Walead Beshty

David Birkin & Mariam Ghani
Stanley Brouwn

Stefan Brüggemann

Marc Buchy
Tony Conrad

Damien Dion

Michel François
Benjamin Gaulon
Eugen Gomringer

Bert Jacobs

Dieter Kiessling
Maria Kley
Elizaveta Konovalova
Gustav Metzger

Matan Mittwoch

Joseph Nechvatal
Dennis Oppenheim

Ed Ruscha
Naama Tsabar


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Sat 12.10

Sat 09.11

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7 pm

Brussels Gallery Weekend

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Closing party

Conceived in dialogue with Societe’s previous exhibition 'Calculated Chance’, the exhibition ‘Encountered Error’ continues to highlight artistic approaches based on the interplay between control and accident. 


Principles and processes of destruction, accident, failure, feedback, error all play an important role in the conception and creation of art. The exhibition tries to place these ‘negative notions’ in a ‘positive perspective’ and attributes to 'error' its true merit as an essential element in the meaning of art. It questions the medium and its limitations such as the conventions of language, its understanding, as well as the materials and techniques used in the process of art making.